viernes, 2 de abril de 2004

Bien para la Agencia Tributaria.

A pesar de lo que dije el otro día, parece que este año la Agencia Tributaria incluye la ü en la dirección postal de mi hermano. Espero que TAMBIÉN habiliten la ü en el programa PADRE (aplicación informática para la declaración de la renta) y en los envíos de etiquetas. Ya era hora de que el estado se diera cuenta de que España no es una eñe.

English comment

BACKGROUND: In a previous post I expressed my angry for Madrid "State" (unoficially federal region) Educative Authorities banning umlaut and accented letters from some of their online aplications. Spanish authorities make Much-ado-about-nothing in defense of letter ñ (n-with-tilde, sounds like "ni" in "Welcome to the hotel California"), but they use to forget there are other "international" characters in spanish: ü (u-with-umlaut), á, é, í, ó, ú (vowels-with-acute-accent).

Removing accented letters from online applications can be useful since MANY SPANIARDS DON'T KNOW WHEN TO ACCENT VOWELS even when accents are ruled by one of the simpler spelling rules (many of them don't know capital letters can bear accents). But all spaniards are supposed to know when to place an umlaut: it is a K-6 ability.

TODAY's POST: I'm mantaining a blacklist of spanish authorities forgetting or banning letter ü, and TODAY I'm glad to say Agencia Tributaria (Spanish Taxes Agency) has been removed from that blacklist.


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