domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2004

Sunday Games: Christmas Special

Apart from reading the "Prepare for Chritsmas" post, you should really prepare your computer for chistmas. That includes:
  • Installing winpenguins for windows (xpenguins for linux or posix), and activating its christmas (Santa Claus hats) features.

  • Download one of the many Advent Calendar ScreenSavers. The one I use to use is located in one of my ancient CD-ROMS, and I can't tell you where to find it on the net.

  • Play Sint Nicolaas: old version or new version) and enjoy taking the role of Santa in its Christmas work. It's an addictive platform game!

  • Another platform game, Super-Tux, is not really Xmas-oriented, but it will improve your winter spirit!

  • Visit the many Christmas special downloads! There are plenty of them. You can check, for instance, Winsite Xmas Special

  • And don't forget torturing your family's ears with Xmas MIDI, modules or mp3 files. I'm sure you have plenty of them in the old shareware/demo CDs you got with december'93 PC-World. You can find many midi xmas songs using google, and, if you want to download public domain mp3 xmas recordings, you can get them from the Internet Archive. If you prefer to hear new xmas songs composed by people like you, you can listen BeOS Radio.

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