miércoles, 17 de noviembre de 2004

Now you can search my blog for posts in english

I was wondering how could I let new readers look for just english posts. I decided to look for a word common in english. After thinking about "the", I realized it was in my header, so it would produce many, many false positivies. My choice was "and".
The second choice was about a search engine. GOOGLE DOES NOT WORK. I don't know why, but now google does not show all matches inside a blog, even when selecting the "include all matches in this page" option. No, It seems Blogger.com has a /robots.txt file preventing google from reading old posts in my blog. My choice was altavista. It is a NASTY engine since it does not show matches in context but displays the first lines of each page. But it is a good spider, and does not delete pages often. . Altavista includes "xxxandyyy" when looking for "and", and you can't make it look for " and ". So I've turned to yahoo. It does the same, but counts the number of ANDs in the page.
Look at yourself. This is the link to obtain english posts here.

Look for posts (partially) in english inside this blog (altavista)
Look for posts (partially) in english inside this blog (yahoo)

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