domingo, 13 de febrero de 2005

How Democracy Works In Spain (english version)

Laws are made for everyone. Or at least that is what we expect in a democratic country. But, what can we think when many succesive administrations refuse to execute a Supreme Court judgement against a media tycoon?

In today's editorial, called "La tentación vive arriba" (original, paid |cache at periodistadigital) the director of a Spanish newspaper(El Mundo) shows its ultimate clamor against a situation that tells how democratic principles are violated in Spain.

Spanish Supreme Court stablished measures against the Media Empire of the allmighty Polanco, a media tycoon and probably the most influent man in Spain. The judgement stablished that Polanco's empire vulnerated media antitrust laws when it bought the antena 3 radio broadcasting stations. However, before the inaction of many different administrations, or before their fear against the owner of the most read Spanish newspaper, that judgement was never put into effect, despite the same court took measures to put the authorities up to fulfill their duty.

Now, Spanish government is increasing the maximum radio station concentration ratio, using the new Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting Law to do it. And people is very concerned about it on Spanish media (excluding those of Jesús de Polanco, obviously). Because that shows laws are not worth to respect when you are a tycoon. That shows how democracy works in Spain.

(I'm sending a copy of this article to the Corean OhMyNews diary, because I think it is worth to be know outside Spain)

(translation of a previous post)

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