martes, 14 de septiembre de 2004

Looking for his blog

A friend of me told me he has started a blog.
He didn't give me his URI.
I've looked for his various nicks at google, yahoo and altavista, finding nothing (well, I found google is unable to see old pages reported by altavista or yahoo! and still available).
I've looked for links to this blog (I hope he would link to me) using google and altavista (*) and found the following:
  • Google found less pages. Altavista rules.
  • Altavista boolean search can't proccess a AND (NOT (domain:xxx)) combined with the "link:" directive; but you can use a "link:" directive in Altavista standard search, and combine it with a "-domain:xxx"
So I've found I'm linked just by Etanisla, elTaller, SpamZoo and a couple of blog crawlers.
So I don't know where's the blog of my friend.

Where's your blog, juank?

(*) Note: yahoo, lycos and msn seem to lack a "link:" directive; webcrawler and excite pass it to google and altavista, but can't combine it with a "not" directive. A9 seems to be built on top of google, so I've ommited it.

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