miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2004

Edimax Zydas-built Prism-based USB Wireless dongle in linux

After testing and testing and testing, today I almost got it working.

I had a clean boot with my USB dongle attached, so I decided to try the prism2_usb module. It used NOT to work. (for those interested, I'm using the prism modules you can find at Zydas Website, compiled with a experimental 2.4.19 kernel from Debian, with debian built-in options plus wireless.

Then I modprobed the prism2_usb module. No kernel error messages, no usb error messages.

Why? Because modprobe didn't load ohci nor uhci nor usb-uchi.

Then I modprobed uhci (i.e. alt uhci)
I modprobed -r the prism2_usb, and then modprobed it again with prism2_doreset=1

Then, instead of got a kernel message telling about device refusing new address or getting a /dev/null response, I got a message about kernel finding a Prism Based card.

Then I did the rest of wlanctl-ng, including the "linxreq_istate_enable" and the SSID selection.

It said me it was ok.

Ifconfig wlan0 IP_ADDRESS IP_MASK was alright
route add gave me some trouble.

But "route " [print] gave me kernel messages announcing my wlan frames were being trashed, because I was not connected to any AP (despite of OK message from SSID selection).

Should I try to manually send the firmware to my card? I've got something that could be the firmware. It is a .BIN file, duplicated in all the Windows XX folders of the windows driver installation CD.

[9/29/04 addition: My zydas problems were almost solved on Sept 29th. Visit this link to see it]

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