viernes, 31 de enero de 2014

Presenting DaltonAid [english info page]

Believe it or not, about 9 percent caucasian males have some form of color blindness. Most color blind people have deuteranopy, wich makes them see red as green. While being a non-incapacitating condition, color blindness people have to deal with the cultural importance given to red color by other people. So they have to deal with many documents where red is not interpreted as a dark, boring color (this is the way they see it), but as a bright, eye-attracting and even frightening color.
I'm a color-blind color myself, as are many people in my family. I work in an industry (education) where "red" is the standard color for spell checking texts, and checking and grading tests. While I can distinguish most of the proof marking done by myself, using details such as writing style, trace strenght or line weight, sometimes I need to use a scanner to check if a minor spell change, such as an accent, was done by the original author or was a spell check done by myself. Daltonaid aims to solve this need. It simply decomposes the image in three color planes (red, green and blue) and allows the user to do its own mix (so you can distinguish the dark, boring, red colors by changing them into bright blue colors). Requirements: WEBGL - This program uses webgl effects, and will work only with webgl. Webcam - This program shows the current video input from the webcam, and applies a color filter to it. The webcam image is not stored or streamed anywhere. Minimal screen resolution: 640x520 pixel. Webcam image is captured at 640x480. Chrome browser (for Chrome version, here) or Android phone (for android version, here).

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