martes, 31 de agosto de 2004

Back from holidays (en)

La versión española de este artículo fue publicada como artículo independiente.

I'm back from holidays. I thought many times about going to a Internet Café to actualize my blog, and now I'm back I don't know what to tell you.

I was in Portugal (no, that wasn't the "far away country" we intended to go to) and in my village. Lusitania (=Portugal, did you read the classics?) has charmed me; in the other hand, my village is as calm as always, but this year I forgot the summer "good thoughts" and I hardly make a (light) trekking route. So I've gained six kilograms (=13 lb) or two trouser sizes. So I wonder if I will wear again the trousers I wore when I was 18 and I was overweighted. But I don't know were did I put them. And I'm lazy about going to a shop to try new trousers (sizes are absolutely different for each brand, and even for the same brand). So I 'm afraid I should make some physical activity.

Many computer and few reading this summer. To my devoted audience I have to announce some book reviews (awaiting for me to remember some data): Ana Maria Matute's Olvidado Rey Gudú (="Forgotten King Gudu", but I don't find an English version in Amazon), Norman Mailer's Los desnudos y los muertos, (=The naked and the dead; I read it on the Spanish version), and a book of tales, titled Cierta inevitable muerte, wrote by a Puerto Rican called (thanks, amazon!) Edgardo Sanabria Santaliz.

I want to restart the weekly sections, but I think I will wait until next week. Weekly summaries will wait until next monday, also.

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