jueves, 8 de julio de 2004

Going out on wednesday

Despite of the things I said about the bad organization of gay pride day, today I've went out to the scene with a friend of mine. Our idea was to drink some coke or beer and eat some "bravas" (fried potatoes with a hot paprika-and-mayonaisse sauce), but my friend had have its lunch at 19:00 and I wasn't hungry, so we decided to drink instead of dining. We decided to go to the scene, also.
We started with a coke at the Buenos Aires café, a good place to chat, where my friend told me about the exam he didn't pass. Soon the conversation derived into the usual topic: sex, and how difficult was looking for love instead of it.

He was very depressed, so we decided to leave soft drinks in the next bar, an almost empty bar called "PK2". We ordered a gin-tonic and a cuba-libre and started talking about friendship and how it gets appraised in the bad times. We were talking about this when my friend left me to make a quick visit to the WC. I tried to spent my time watching the tv monitor placed in front of me when I realized it was featuring an X-rated male sex film. So I thought I better pay attention to my cup and only to it.

We left that bar and entered the next one, "Why not?", a bar I had visited a few times before. It's a nice place, and the nicest of all is the ambiguous look-and-feel of the people in it. My friend was interested in a boy (he looked like a boy rather than a man) next to us: the boy was with a girl, but kissed a couple of men; the girl payed attention to him but also to another men; this last men had came with a woman, but looked to the girl when kissing that woman. I could feel love in that place.

I'm... earnest, and, if I like the scene, is because I like the music of the scene bars. I like to dance, and, if you're a man, you can't dance if you're not in the scene: people look at you thinking bad things about you. I'm a bad dancer, but I love to dance, even when I can do it in the scene only. So I took advantage of the situation and I danced and danced and danced.

So it was a funny night: chat, dance, a coke and two cuba-libres, and dining at 2:00 AM. Well, I hope I can repeat it many times!

Now, I will give a glance at Adys' Ship, and go to bed.
Good night.

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