jueves, 17 de junio de 2004

OdIoDiOdIo / HaTeHaTeHaTe

I'm still hating mankind (and womankind, also). And specially hating childrenkind. Antonio Machado wrote about a pedagoge called Herod, and, if things keep this way for some time, I will start writing about a Philanthropist called Nero (or even Castro).

People seems to like having a boot on their heads. People don't like freedom; free people grows anarchist and, after suffering pain (remember: anarchist law is the law of jungle, where predators win), they claim for the need of authority.
—I'm not to blame, It's your lack of authority.
—In that case, let me be a bit more authoritarian, and punish you.
—No, I'm not to blame.
—But you're standing still in the room and you are talking aloud and you are doing nothing.
—Yes, but I'm not to blame. It's your lack of authority.

(are people supposed to be rational?)

So, understand me if I blame Niels Bohr for not collaborating with nazi party in the destruction of the world. Some times I think the world is worth being destroyed.

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